BEST launches ad campaign – the company will help its Customers to pay back debts

BEST, one of the leaders in the Polish debt management market, runs its first advertising campaign. Its aim is to increase brand recognition and to reach customers in order to convince them to contact the company. As a part of its marketing strategy, BEST will completely cancel one person’s debt daily until the end of November (according to the rules of the Competition).


BEST focuses on modern communication tools and the Internet. The advertising campaign will include content marketing, advertisements on major web portals and social media activity.


Our company is constantly broadening the scope of its activity. Currently, we manage the debts of approximately one million Poles with a total nominal value exceeding 11 billion Polish zlotys. Through advertising activity, we want to reach our customers and send them a simple but vital message: we are here to help them to solve their problems with debt repayment. We assert that contacting our company is the first step in changing the quality of their lives says Krzysztof Borusowski, President of the Management Board of BEST.


The main feature of the advertising campaign is a competition called “Win BEST Repayment”, which started on November 8. Every day for the entire month, BEST will completely cancel the debt of one person who gets in touch with the company via a relevant contact form and satisfies competition requirements. Everyone else who contacts the company will have their debts partially cancelled as a guaranteed consolation prize. The company will reward those who provide the most interesting and convincing answers to the question: “Why I am the person whose debt should be cancelled?”.


– In November, we are celebrating Polish Debt Free Day, established with debtors in mind. It is supposed to be an inspiration for an active attempt to solve financial problems. We are giving our customers an additional incentive – guaranteed partial debt cancellation, and complete cancellation for the Competition Winners – says Barbara Rudziks, Member of the Management Board of BEST, responsible for the Company’s operations management.


The target is to reach those customers who have been avoiding BEST so far. Through its advertising campaign and partial debt cancellation, the Company wishes to show that establishing a dialogue with customers is of great importance. It strives towards amicable problem solving and therefore helps customers to get out of debt and solve problems burdening family and professional life.




General information about BEST


BEST S.A. specializes in trading in and managing non-performing debts, and has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997. BEST Group actively invests in debt portfolios (especially in bank debts) using securitization funds, and provides debt collection services to third parties: banks, telecommunication and power companies as well as other providers of general services.


The combined competencies of debt collection and the establishment and management of investment funds allowed the entity to concentrate all of the elements of its business model within a single capital group.


The total nominal value of own debts and third party debts managed by BEST exceeds PLN 11 billion (as of 30 June 2016). In 2015, BEST Group generated a net profit of PLN 82.2 million with an operating income amounting to PLN 140.1 million.


For more information, please contact:

Mariusz Ilnicki

+48 668 48 36 73