BEST wins the first edition of the CESSIO Investor Laurel (Laur CESSIO Inwestorów 2016), awarded by the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland. The awards were presented at the 7th Debt Management Congress.


The CESSIO Investor Laurel is an initiative started by the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland and KPMG consulting. Its aim is to honour those debt management companies which, according to debt sellers, adhere to the highest professional standards both during and after tender procedures, and which enjoy the trust of their business partners.


Within the structure of the BEST Group, it is BEST TFI that is responsible for debt portfolio purchases. Since October of this year, it has been headed by Piotr Urbańczyk, former long-time president and board member of Meritum Bank, Lukas Bank and Dominet Bank.


It is a particularly important award for us, as it is administered by financial companies and institutions which uphold the highest standards in their operations and expect the same of their partners. We are glad to know that we meet these requirements, and the CESSIO Investor Laurel is proof of that,” said Piotr Urbańczyk, president of BEST TFI, who personally accepted the award. “The debt management market is highly competitive and we do everything we can to ensure that professionalism and high corporate culture become part of the added value that our business partners can always count on and expect of us.” Urbańczyk went on to add that “The award will motivate us to set the bar even higher in our future business relationships.”


BEST TFI specializes in the establishment and management of securitization funds. The assets of the funds managed by BEST TFI include debt portfolios with a par value exceeding PLN 12 billion. In the first three quarters of this year alone, debt portfolios with a par value of PLN 1 billion were purchased for BEST CG.


“This prize is, most importantly, a token of appreciation for everyone working at BEST TFI. Thanks to the dynamic growth of BEST as a whole, we can participate in more and more debt portfolio tenders, and win them easily as well. This is a result of a whole lot of work and the great knowledge and experience of the entire team, for which I would like to express my gratitude,” Urbańczyk summarizes.


Besides BEST, the 2016 CESSIO Investor Laurel was also awarded to Ultimo and Kruk.The idea of the award refers to the CESSIO Laurel project, started by the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland and KPMG in 2013, where debt management companies judge organizers of debt portfolio tenders.




General information about BEST


BEST S.A. specializes in the trading in and managing of non-performing debts, and has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997. BEST Group actively invests in debt portfolios (especially in bank debts) using securitization funds, and provides debt collection services to third parties: banks, telecommunication and power companies as well as other providers of general services.


Combined competences in debt collection and the establishment and management of investment funds have allowed the entity to concentrate all elements of its business model within a single capital group.


The total nominal value of own debts and third-party debts managed by BEST exceeds PLN 11 billion (as of 30 June 2016). In 2015, BEST Group generated a net profit of PLN 82.2 million with operating income amounting to PLN 140.1 million.


For more information, please contact:

Mariusz Ilnicki

+48 668 48 36 73