Debtor Guide

Dear Sir,


You have just learnt that your outstanding debt was transferred to a debt collection company.
You do not know what to do and where to start.


Well, we are fully aware of the random nature of life, although if your case is being handled by BEST, please do not hesitate and start cooperating now. We can make paying off your obligation a simple process. First, though, there are a few simple things to learn, and then you will soon move to the next stage of your life – a debt-free life.


A letter in your post-box

You will get the first message from our Company in a traditional letter form. Please read it carefully, as it will contain some important information about your debt.


You want to cooperate and contact us

Please do not delay in making the contact, as this the only way for your case to be handled amicably. Always strive to stay in touch with the creditor, as this often means you avoid being charged penalty interest and other additional costs.


Choose a form of repayment

The quickest way to close the debt collection proceedings is to repay the entire debt. If you decide to do so, please contact our consultant. However, if you are in a difficult financial situation and do not have the entire sum to pay off the whole debt at once, you can spread it over a number of instalments. While talking to the consultant, you can determine the amount and timing of instalment payments to fit your budget.


Adhere to the arrangements.

Now you know what to do. Stick to the deadlines and deliver on your commitments. If your payments are regular and timely, you can be sure that your case will not go to court or a judicial enforcement officer. Be aware that if you fail to respond and face your debt, you can encounter problems in other areas of life as your personal data may be transferred to a Credit Reference Agency (BIG), whose services are used by mobile operators, insurance companies, banks and many more. So do not waste time, take care of your future today. Let us get out of debt together! Remember that you can only achieve a real impact on the progress of your case if you stay in touch with us (by ordinary mail, e-mail or phone).


We keep our fingers crossed for your success!