President of the Management Board

He has long-time experience in the broadly defined financial services sector. As Managing Director of Kouri Capital Poland Ltd. and BBH Capital Partners Sp. z o.o., he implemented M&A projects in the area of investment banking in the following institutions: Polsko-Amerykański Bank Hipoteczny S.A., BWR S.A., BWR Bank Secesyjny S.A. and Cuprum Bank S.A. In 2002, he successfully completed a project involving the development of a financial group around Dominet S.A., including the purchase of Cuprum Bank S.A. and the introduction of a financial investor from the Merrill Lynch Group. He worked as a consultant at Bain & Company in Boston (USA) and as a manager at Schroder Poland. He represented the State Treasury in the Supervisory Board of BPH S.A. until its privatisation. Holder of an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In 2002, together with Marek Kucner, they took over BEST S.A., and have been building the company’s position and value together for nearly 20 years as President and Vice-President of the Management Board.

Krzysztof Borusowski is one of the longest-serving Management Board Presidents in Poland (20 years as of now). He and Marek Kucner are one of the longest-serving management duos in the Capital Group.

As the majority shareholder and President of the Management Board, Krzysztof Borusowski is committed to ensuring long-term stability of management at the Company and its growth, thanks to which BEST, from a credit intermediary, has become a leader of the debt management industry in Poland.

His priorities are people, processes and technology. Over a decade ago, he introduced a culture of value-oriented management in BEST (know-how, ethics and efficiency) and a pro-customer approach focused on supporting customers in repaying their debts, including through restructuring products, over a dozen years ago. Putting ethics at the centre of the debt collection process, he is the initiator of the regulations introduced by the ZPF (Association of Financial Companies) in the Polish debt collection industry. On the initiative of Krzysztof Borusowski and Marek Kucner, in 2017 BEST, after 5 years of work, implemented SIGMA – a proprietary operating system for managing non-performing debt. SIGMA as well as the company’s investments in technological innovations are the Company’s unquestionable competitive advantage on the European market. In 2017, BEST also started doing business on the Italian market.



Vice-President of the Management Board

He has long-time experience on the financial market. He worked in Polska Sp. z o.o., where he was responsible for bank risk management. Successfully implemented a risk management system in organisations such as ING Bank, Bank Śląski S.A., Bank Handlowy S.A., BGŻ S.A. and the former Vereinsbank Polska. In addition, as Manager at Kouri Capital Poland Ltd. and BBH Capital Partners Sp. z o.o., he worked on the sale of BWR to Deutsche Bank Polska S.A., and the acquisition of BWR Bank Secesyjny S.A. for Daimler Chrysler Financial Services (debis) Corporation. He also led a team responsible for valuations and financial analyses in the project of creating a banking group around Dominet S.A.(acquisition of Cuprum Bank S.A. and the introduction of a financial investor from the Merrill Lynch Group).He has a degree in Finance of the Silesian International Business School (SMSH) in Katowice.

He has worked with BEST since 2002, when, together with Krzysztof Borusowski, the current President of the Management Board, they took over the Company and used it as a foundation to build BEST Capital Group. Together they successfully restructured the Company’s finances and organisation, changing its business profile from credit intermediation to the purchase and collection of debt. In addition, as Vice-President supervising the Finance & Accounting, Controlling and IT Divisions, Marek Kucner is responsible for managing the Group’s technology, finance and liquidity, controlling its performance as well as for the public bond issue programmes, which the Company has implemented since 2014.



Member of the Management Board

Manager with 30 years of experience at international financial institutions operating in Poland. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Planning and Statistics (currently the Warsaw School of Economics) in banking and finance. He graduated from Harvard Business School & Raiffeisen Bank Leadership Academy and completed Wharton Advanced Leadership Programme as well as a number of other training courses in personnel management, sales, process efficiency, marketing and corporate finance. He started his career in foreign trade, but already in 1992 he joined Citibank (Poland) S.A. He was General Director at CitiBusiness (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Banking Department) and Managing Director at Citileasing Sp. z o.o. From 2001 to 2007, he worked with Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. as Vice-President of the Management Board responsible for managing risk, accounting and information systems, compliance and more. In 2008–2013, he held a number of positions at Kredyt Bank S.A.: President of the Management Board, General Director, Chairman of the National Team of KBC Group in Poland, to name just a few. From 2014 to 2019, he again worked with Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. as Vice-President and was responsible for retail banking. Since 2019, he has worked with BEST S.A. Capital Group, initially as Member of the Supervisory Board of BEST Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A. and since 2021 as Director for Innovation and Development at BEST S.A.