The greatest assets of BEST S.A. are its expertise and professionalism

Its basic operational principles are legal and ethical standards

Its goals are: to build trust and be effective



The mission of BEST S.A. is to promote the traditional values of fair trading.

The economy can only develop in a climate of mutual trust between individual market participants. Our Company's commitment is to discipline them and provide specific arbitration services, and thus maintain and strengthen such a favourable climate. BEST S.A.'s operations follow the Latin maxim: Pacta sunt servanda (Agreements must be kept).


We operate in the financial services market, solve problems related to a lack of integrity and delays in settlements between contractual parties.

BEST S.A. provides high quality debt collection services. We constantly modify our services so as to tailor it to meet individual client needs. The client-oriented mission of the Company determines its operational directions, where the main purpose is not only the recovery of the debt itself but also of the relationship with the debtors.


We render high quality services for our clients based on the following core values: expertise, ethics, and efficiency.

BEST S.A. attaches great importance to the strategic partnership with its clients. Cooperation with the Company makes it possible for the clients to optimise numerous business processes and focus their resources on those areas that are decisive for their competitive advantage.


For all its debtors BEST S.A. guarantees clarity and integrity in all activities. What is more, it provides them with access to reliable information, very favourable conditions for repayment of their debt, as well as numerous restructuring products tailored to the debtors' individual capabilities.


BEST S.A., as the initiator and moderator of the Principles of Good Practices (Debt Collection), operates not only in accordance with the legal regulations but also with respect for ethical norms and the principles of social coexistence, believing that an absolute compliance therewith is key for the Company success. 


We create a friendly, attractive and dynamic working environment and we take care of the professional development of our employees.

Employees are the most precious of BEST S.A. assets. Thanks to their commitment and persistent work, the Company continues along its path of success. Our consistently implemented training programme ensures the excellence of skills and professional development. BEST S.A. creates an open, positive and success-oriented working environment.


We provide our Investors and Shareholders with fair returns on the invested capital.

BEST S.A., as an entity listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), is committed to a long-term increase in the shareholder value of its securities. Development is found among our fundamental goals, which is why the Company constantly invests in new technologies and solutions, building a solid foundation to continue as a going concern with improved profitability.


We follow the Principles of Good Debt Collection Practices


The Principles of Good Practices is a document which is a set of rules of conduct adopted for application by enterprises operating on the financial market that are members of the Polish Financial Corporation.

As a member of the Union of Financial Companies in Poland (ZPF), once a year we undergo an ethical audit conducted by the Ethics Committee of the ZPF, checking compliance with the Principles of Good Practices. The following certificate confirms that we have passed the audit with a positive result.

Do you think that there has been a breach of the "Principles of Good Practice" by a BEST representative? You have the option of submitting an application for the initiation of proceedings by the ZPF Ethics Committee:

- by letter - by sending it to the ZPF office address: ul. Dlugie Pobrzeże 30, 80 - 888 Gdańsk

- by fax - to the number: (58) 302 92 64

- by e-mail - to the following address: