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BEST S.A. shares debuted on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 30 May 1997. Given the relatively small number of shares remaining in free float, the trading liquidity of the Company is limited.                    

For a long time BEST shares were traded in a single-price auction system with two exchange rate fixings a day (i.e. double fixing). In May of 2015, the Company made an agreement with the Issuer’s Market Maker (Dom Maklerski BOŚ S.A.) and adopted the Liquidity Support Programme. As a result, BEST shares have been traded in continuous trading since 26 May 2015.

21 September 2015 r . Made division of shares ( a split ) in a ratio of 1 to 4. The historical records on the graph below are presented according to the actual values ​​in the whole period. Trading before 21 September 2015 were not corrected.