Payhelp is an innovative solution on the debt market, dedicated to entrepreneurs whose clients do not pay their liabilities on time. It is an online platform that allows you to easily recover money from unpaid invoices

Payhelp was created in response to the market demand, which was defined by BEST S.A., the owner of the brand, on the basis of many years of experience and the analysis of many millions of unpaid obligations.

Overdue payments are unfortunately the everyday life of many Polish companies. Over the years of operation, we have managed to thoroughly understand the debt market, its mechanisms and disturbances in the structure that do not allow micro and small enterprises to develop at an appropriate pace - where even small debts can cause serious financial problems. The main arguments for the rise of Payhelp were numbers. Statistically, about 90% of enterprises in Poland have encountered the problem of unpaid invoices at least once, over 20% of companies calculate that delays in payments concern up to half of their invoices, and 10% declare that they do not receive remuneration for the service provided *.

The Payhelp team consists of experienced experts in many areas: legal advisers, personal data protection inspectors, a team of specialists in amicable and judicial debt collection, communication, debt collection strategies and process management.

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* The study ‘Receivables of Polish businesses’, by the KRD Economic Information Bureau in cooperation with the Association of Financial Companies in Poland. Q3 2018. // The study ‘SME Scanner: micro, small and medium-sized firms’ was conducted in October 2018 by the B2B Research and Solutions Institute Keralla Research on 500 firms selling with a deferred term of payment. The study was in the form of interviews by phone. // Study: ‘Payments in Poland in 2018’, by Coface // Atradius Payment Practice Barometer.