Why do BEST consultants contact me so often?

BEST operates in accordance with the Principles of Good Practices (Debt Collection), which regulate, among other things, the frequency of contacts with debtors. Staying in touch is extremely important. In this way you have an impact on how your case is handled and you receive current information on subsequent measures that we undertake. During each call we help you to find the best way out of your current situation.

How can I contact BEST?

You can contact us by phone, e-mail or ordinary mail. All communication channels to contact BEST are listed in the CONTACT tab.

How can I pay off my debt?

BEST offers various forms of debt repayment. Contact our consultant by phone and he/she will help you choose the most convenient arrangement.

What is the difference between BIG and BIK?

BIK is an abbreviation of the Polish name of the Credit Information Bureau (Biuro Informacji Kredytowej) – an entity whose services are used by banks. BIG is an abbreviation of the Polish name of the Credit Reference Agency (Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej) – an entity whose services are used not only by banks but also by other institutions and enterprises.

I have received information that a judicial enforcement officer discontinued the enforcement procedure, so why do I still have to pay off the debt?

Discontinuation of the enforcement procedure by a judicial enforcement officer is not tantamount to debt remission. Following the discontinuation of the enforcement procedure, the creditor may refer the case again to a judicial enforcement officer. Throughout the entire time, contractual interest may accrue on the debt. So do not wait – contact a BEST consultant and ask about the available forms of repayment.

What is sensitive data?

Sensitive data is a group of specifically protected personal data, in particular data concerning health, addictions and religious denominations. BEST is not authorised to process such data.

Does BEST process my personal data? If so, on what grounds?

BEST processes your personal data based on the agreement with the creditor so as to carry out debt collection activities. Such data makes it possible for us, among other things, to confirm the identity of a person that we talk to on the phone, which excludes the risk of disclosing information on your debt to third parties.

How do I file a complaint with BEST?

You have the right to file a complaint, which may be done:

  • in writing – personally at each office of BEST S.A. indicated on our website or by sending your complaint to the following mailing address: BEST S.A. ul. Stoczniowa 2, 82-300 Elbląg;
  • verbally – personally to be recorded in a report drafted during the Customer’s visit at an office of BEST S.A. indicated on our website;
  • electronically – by e-mail sent to:

A complaint regarding financial services may be submitted by telephone on +48 (58) 769-92-00. In this case, a response to the complaint is sent in writing and if requested by the Customer, electronically to an e-mail address provided by the Customer.

What should be included in a correctly submitted complaint?

Each complaint should include the data allowing us to verify the Customer submitting the complaint, in particular the first name and surname or company name, PESEL or REGON number, residence/seat address and a detailed description of the object of the complaint.