Hospitals in Gdynia and Elbląg use aid to buy medical equipment and materials in fight against COVID-19

Hospitals in Elbląg and Gdynia used a donation by BEST to buy respirators, complete hospital beds, face masks, overalls, aprons, gloves and more in the fight against the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. The money was also used to finance the operation of a mobile coronavirus testing facility in Gdynia. BEST also bought tablets for a children’s home in Elbląg to support education.


In early April, BEST, one of the largest debt management firms in Poland, donated PLN 600,000 to help deal with the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. The money went to hospitals in Gdynia and Elbląg, and some of it to the local government authorities of Gdynia.


The University Centre for Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia received PLN 400,000, which has been used to buy hospital beds, overalls, aprons, as well as pressure-sore prevention mattresses, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and a number of other vital medical items. The hospital used some of the money to pay for the mobile coronavirus testing facility in Gdynia, which has been in operation since April.


Elbląg City Hospital received a donation from BEST amounting to PLN 100 thousand, most of which was used to finance the purchase of a respirator, and PLN 10 thousand was used to buy protective overalls.


Gdynia City authorities announced that the donation made by BEST was used to buy 1,500 protective aprons, over 80,000 gloves, almost 1,800 face shields and more than 4,000,000 litres of disinfectant.


BEST is also committed to helping the local community in other ways. Since schools have switched from stationary to remote learning, we bought, among other things, tablets and school materials for the children’s home in Elbląg.


BEST is one of the largest firms in the debt collection industry in Poland. BEST Group employs a total of 600 people, of which about 350 in Gdynia and about 250 in Elbląg. When the state of epidemic was announced in Poland, we immediately complied with the social distancing recommendations issued by the national authorities. At the moment, most of BEST Group’s employees work remotely, including many call centre employees.



BEST S.A. has been listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) since 1997.