Payhelp will help customers of Santander Bank Polska recover overdue payments

Payhelp, an online platform which allows businesses to recover money from unpaid invoices in a simple and effective way, is now included as part of Santander Bank Polska’s e-services package under the name “eWindykacja”. It is available for sole traders. The eWindykacja and Payhelp services are provided by BEST Group, one of the largest debt collection companies in Poland.


Payhelp is an innovative online platform which businesses can use to recover money from unpaid invoices. As part of the eWindykacja service, which has just been launched, Santander Bank Polska's customers can easily register invoices not paid by their clients in the Payhelp system. Invoices for even small amounts overdue by no more than 10 months can be registered. Almost immediately after the documents have been registered, measures are taken to recover the money: first in an amicable manner, and if necessary also in court. The money recovered using Payhelp is transferred directly to the company account.


– Our data shows that as many as 73% of cases are resolved amicably. We have extensive experience in talking to debtors. Also, the fact that BEST is handling a particular case certainly helps, as for years we have been known to be efficient debt collectors. If the debt cannot be recovered amicably, Payhelp takes action on behalf of the customer to obtain a payment order. At this stage, the success rate goes up to 83%. By trusting our experts to handle the case, businesses do not have to get directly involved in the debt recovery process. Instead, they can focus on doing business without fear of losing good relations with their client – said Katarzyna Gulbicka, Business Development Manager at BEST, the person responsible for the Payhelp platform.


Cases as part of the Payhelp service are handled by an experienced team of about 120 consultants in BEST Group’s own call centre, supported by several dozen legal professionals. The company is handing a total of approx. 2 million cases. So far, we have recovered debt worth over PLN 1 billion. Over the past several years, BEST Group has invested heavily in the development of technology for automating its debt collection processes. As a result, it is now a technology leader in the industry, offering services to individual clients at attractive prices.


– Until recently, micro-businesses were concerned that commissioning another firm to recover debt on their behalf is a complicated and costly process. However, now as part of the eWindykacja service available from Santander Bank and directly on the Payhelp website, they have a simple and cost-efficient option to recover their money from overdue invoices – added Katarzyna Gulbicka from BEST.


The cost of using Payhelp depends on the gross amount recovered from an invoice, and the customer pays for the service only after they have recovered their money.