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Repayment options

At BEST S.A., we understand that being in debt is a difficult and stressful situation. The quickest and easiest way to get rid of the debt is to repay the debt all at once.

However, we understand that this option is not always viable, and we continuously expand our offer with solutions that help address the needs of our Customers. If you do not have the entire sum

and cannot repay the debt all at once, we can offer you repayment on terms that are suited to your individual financial circumstances. We know from experience that a very good solution for a many of our Customers is to repay the debt in instalments.

See what can we offer
What can we offer?

We understand your situation

and we are open to amicable resolution of the matter.


Personalised terms of the Settlement

Terms of the Settlement agreed with the Customer Consultant or individually on the BEST Online portal.


Simple and transparent terms of the settlement

Lack of the so-called “fine print”.


Flexible interest calculation

Option to suspend the charging of penalty interest .


Option to negotiate

the amount to be repaid


Possibility to set a convenient monthly repayment date


If your financial situation changes,

we can sign an addendum to your Settlement


No fees for operational activities


For your convenience,

you can conclude the Settlement by phone, e-mail or in writing.

BEST Online

We have also provided you with BEST Online, a portal where you can easily check the details of your case and the amount of debt, repay your debt or view an offer we have prepared specifically for you (e.g. repayment in instalments).

You can choose a settlement yourself without having to talk to our employee nor sending any documents. You can use BEST Online on you portable devices and on your computer.

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