We care about our customers

Your needs are important to us

We endevor to help our customers in repaying their debts. To provide our customers the best service we created BEST Online platform, that our clients can use at any time to check their liabilities and manage them in an easy, convenient and safe way.

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Expertise, ethics, effectiveness

We have been operating on the Polish market for 30 years, offering customers the best solution.


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Regardless of the challenge you are facing, we are here to help you deal with it.

We offer solutions that are attractive and tailored to your needs.

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We will advise, explain and offer you an individually tailored solution

BEST’s mission is to help all our Customers repay their debts. Contact us and learn how we can help.

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The BEST Online platform is for you.

Do you prefer that the case be handled electronically? Log on to BEST Online and check out an offer we have prepared specifically for you.

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Together we will find the best solution for you

You can count on our support and personalised debt repayment options that are suited to your individual financial circumstances.


Get rid of your debts

The best way to regain financial balance and peace of mind is to contact us! Contact our Customer Service to solve your problems efficiently.

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The BEST Online platform

What makes BEST Online stand out?


Easy to use

Use BEST Online on your smartphone

BEST Online is a platform that our clients can use at any time to check their liabilities and manage them in an easy, convenient and safe way using their smatphone, tablet or computer.

The BEST Online platform

What makes BEST Online stand out?


Tailored to your needs

Manage your libilities yourself

Thanks to BEST Online, you can choose a settlement yourself without having to talk to our employee nor sending any documents. You will also quickly verify the details of your libility on the platform.

The BEST Online platform

What makes BEST Online stand out?


Safe online payment methods

Pay quickly and safely

At BEST Online we provide safe online payment methods such as BLIK or Google Pay. You can also check your payment history on your account and set a reminder to pay your bills on time.

Debt problems

How to get rid of debt problems?

Step 1

Read the letter from the debt collection company

The letter contains all basic information on your debt, such as the organisation you are in debt to, the amount of debt and the account number to which you can make a payment. The letter also explains how your case has been transferred to BEST S.A.

Step 2

Choose your repayment option

There are multiple options, in particular repayment in low and convenient instalments Taking a realistic view on your financial capabilities, you can set the amount of instalments by yourself. The ultimate goal is that you repay the debt gradually, even in small amounts.

Step 3

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us. This is the only way for your case to be handled amicably. Always seek to stay in touch with the creditor. By doing so, you can often suspend the charging of penalty interest and other additional costs. Contact form

Step 4

Enter into a settlement and become debt free

The final step is the consent of both Parties to the agreed form of repayment.

About us

We carry debt repayment assistance

BEST S.A. is one of the leading companies on the Polish financial services market – one of the leaders in the debt collection industry in Poland.

We are experts in our field. We manage large portfolios of non-performing receivables, solving the problem of the lack of timely settlements between contracting parties and restoring balance to the economic cycle.

More about us

We promote financial responsibility and traditional merchant integrity – we help clients get out of debt, restore financial balance, promote ethical standards in the financial services market, and build relationships with stakeholders based on honesty and respect.


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