Corporate philanthropy
and sponsorship

We want to positively influence sustainable development, which is why we include the recommendations of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in our activities, including philanthropy and sponsorship.

Particularly within the implementation of the SDGs on eradicating poverty in all its forms (Goal 1), providing quality education and promoting lifelong learning (Goal 4), and ensuring that people of all ages live healthy lives and promote prosperity (Objective 3).

We do not engage in projects of a political, religious nature, violating human rights, contributing to any discrimination and perpetuating hurtful stereotypes, violating the law and generally accepted social norms, promoting alcohol, tobacco or banned substances, identified with another brand.

Partnerships that are particularly important to us
Partnerships are of particular importance to us:

Promoting entrepreneurship, economic education and public awareness of finance.


Related to eliminating educational barriers and addressing child poverty.


Shaping and promoting ethical standards in the financial industry.


Contributing to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Responding to the most pressing social challenges in the local environment.

Information obligation for  individuals requesting  financial support (donation, sponsorship)



Any request for support (whether a request
for assistance, as well as sponsorship offers) are evaluated according to consistent, objective criteria.

Decisions to donate or get involved in a project as a sponsor are made in accordance with the company’s internal policies.

An additional criterion in the evaluation of sponsorship bids, in addition to the substantive evaluation, is the economic evaluation of the project in question. For this reason, the sponsorship offer should include data that allows such an evaluation (the cost of the sponsorship package along with details of the sponsor’s brand exposure).

Want to request a sponsorship or donation?

Diverse groups

We help non-profit organizations, associations and foundations, individuals, schools and universities, libraries, community centers.

Tailored agreement

We sign a donation agreement with the beneficiary
or sponsorship agreement.

Transfer to account

For financial support, the only way to transfer money is by wire transfer to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Credibility is important to us.

We make sure that the funds donated by us are used according to common arrangements, so in the case of monetary earmarked donations, we require the submission of an accounting, and in the case of sponsorships, we expect a report with all proofs of contract execution.